February 25, 2010

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September 22, 2009

Business 101

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Now that you’ve decided to open a business there are a few things you should know about being in business. Above are Part I and Part II in PROTECTING YOUR MOST VALUABLE ASSETS IN BUSINESS….YOU & YOUR RIGHTS!

Not only is it important to love what you do, it’s also important to be properly trained not just for the industry you are in, but in being an entrepreneur.

Not having the proper training in entrepreneurship actually can cost you thousands of dollars. You can essentially make so many mistakes that it will put you out of business. With a few bits of training you can spot danger zones and mistakes BEFORE they happen.

In this post I will discuss the mistake of NOT having proper legal representation and how not having this can cost you your business.

This video clip will not only show you how LITTLE it costs to have proper legal representation but just how smart it is to have.

September 18, 2009


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Yes it’s true!

Check out this video and email me for more details if you are ready to get paid for shopping.



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WHAT?  you say, how can my business make me more money than it is already making.

O.K. How much is it going to cost?

If you don’t know how your BUSINESS itself can make you MORE money ….keep reading.

First, get yourself organized about how to run a business, second learn how your business can make you money,  it is the same concept as letting your money work for you through investments.

If  you believe your greatest assest in business is your client you’re wrong! The most important asset in your business is you and your business itself!

Your knowledge of business and the knowledge of the various areas of business needed to run a successful business is the greatest asset along with your business being able to generate passive income for you.

If being an accountant, marketer, advertizer, salesperson, bookkeeper etc. is not what you are qualified for coordinate a team that will do those things for you.

Business people who try to wear all of these hats are making the biggest mistake in business right out of the gate. Gone are the days when you could wear different hats and still be a successful business, today the gobal village (via the internet) and the world’s citizens are your potential clients and you need the tools and the understanding to be in step or one step ahead of your competitors. If you sell anything online you are exposed to everyone who has access to the internet, you are now an international businessperson do you have the capacity to service your clients?

Today’s businesspeople need teams assisting them in the running of their businesses, even if it’s a one person operation. Both a one person operation and a large corporation have the same needs, but on different levels. They need websites, advertizing, marketing, sales, accounting and legal to name a few areas, to get their product to market or to create a business profile for the public.

Has your company worked with individuals like the ones mentioned to prepare itself to do business in the global marketplace? Does your company budget allow for these integral business necessities, do you even have a company budget?

You may be a small business with employees ranging from 1 – 500 or more, but it should not preclude you from being competitive. Find out how to improve your competitive edge and how you can and why you should tap into one or all of these professionals without breaking the bank.

Learn why you should focus on doing what your passion is in business, and not try to wear hats you’re not qualified for which when done incorrectly can put you out of business.

Educate yourself on what team members and what tools are needed to run a successful business. Businesses today are not successful just because you open them, proper positioning is what is needed and it takes the right team to position your business. 

One of the most important areas of the team is your company’s legal rights and how your company represents itself to the public. Contact me for additional tips and information to find out how your company can legally be at risk and how your business may be exposed to things that can potentially put you out of business.

Email me today RE: Information that can make my business make me money

for information that can not only save your business money but as stated has the potential to make your business  money.